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Custom Building


Know the topography of your land to maximize the use of space in your home… walk out basements, etc.

Plan for the future… retirement, growing family, etc. Consider having bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry on the first floor.

Do not overbuild for your neighborhood. Keep it comparable for resale purposes.

Know how many bathrooms and bedrooms are supported by your septic system. Plan ahead by maximizing your septic system’s full capacity. Consider future growth.

Plan a maintenance free exterior. You will appreciate it later!

Boost the value of your home by utilizing every space… attics, bonus rooms over garages, finished basement, etc.

Using 2x6" instead of 2x4" exteriors walls will boost energy efficiency by increasing the amount of insulation used, and will also make your home more structurally sound. As an added bonus, you'll have expanded windowsills, and more space for interior window treatments.

Ask for a walk-through with the electrician prior to wiring to enable you to choose where your outlets for electricity, cable TV, telephone, computer, etc will be located.

Decide on painting vs. staining ahead of time. The quality of the wood used for construction will make a difference, especially when staining.


Nickerson Park Entry Station
built and donated by Steve Allard

Watch your construction allowances. There are many different grades of tile, carpet, lighting, kitchen fixtures, etc. If you go over your allowance, the difference comes out of your pocket!

Be prepared for delays, they can and will happen. Don’t lock your move in date!

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